Flirt Long Rashguard

LE 3,900.00 EGP

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Note: Each piece is sold separately not in full sets.

This Flirt Rashguard is the most feminine one. 

This only needs a pair of Black Leggings and a Black Turban. It’s very easy to style. If you want to go more feminine, opt for the Nude Peach Turban, it’s very feminine.

You can choose between the Black Cover-Up or the Light Peach Cover-Up for this rashguard.

Please note: each piece is sold separately.

The idea is that you don’t have to purchase something you don’t need again.

Instead of buying one full set and have the exact same look all summer long, you can grab 3 or 4 rashguards to create many different looks and use only one pair of leggings on them.

We paired 95% of our rashgaurds on black so if you already have a pair of black leggings, you don’t need to purchase new ones. If you’d like to renew yours, you’ll find swim leggings on our website

Please take care not to wash any rashguards with detergent in the washing machine.

Any swimwear should be rinsed out with a tiny dab of gentle hand soap and hung to dry indoors. This will help prolong your swimsuit’s lifetime.

This Rashguard is not padded from the inside. Padding shortens the lifetime of the suit significantly.

Rashguards are generally worn by surfers who wear a sports-bra underneath. We urge you to choose the color nude. It’s better with light colors.

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