Our Story


Pepla is an Emirati Company that proudly originates from Cairo, Egypt.

The story starts with my sister Farah and myself. We grew up in Ames, a small all-American town in Iowa, literally in the middle of nowhere.

Our life was pretty basic and we enjoyed a simple healthy upbringing.

A bit later in life, we were back to the motherland of big ol' Cairo, Egypt. We experienced what it's like to laugh till you can't breathe. We experienced what it's like to have friends and family stick by you through thick and thin. Living in Cairo has opened the doors to many experiences, feelings, and opportunities.

Having lived in both the West and the Middle East, we can definitely say that the mainstream fashion industry just didn't cater to us or to the values we held. It didn't cater to the type of women we wanted to be in this world.

The messages we were getting as younger girls encouraged and diverted us to focus on the importance of being sexy in public.

There was nothing telling you to make a difference in the world or to beautify your mind as you do with your outer appearance.

Hence, Pepla was born!

Pepla is a voice, before it is a brand. It's a voice that loudly says attractive minds are far sexier than attractive bodies.

Pepla is for purposeful active women across the globe. It is for those who want to make the absolute best use of their lifetime on Earth.

In 2018, Farah and I embarked on this entrepreneurial journey, not knowing what is to come.

In 2019, we won a 1st Place Award out of 700 start-ups in a Nation-Wide Competition.

In 2020, we were picked up by the International Chain of Debenhams.

Now - it’s not just about Farah and myself anymore. It’s about those who grind with us every single day.

The Pepla team consists of 50 people who work out of our Office Headquarters and 5 large factories serving beautiful women in 7 countries. It’s been an exhausting but rewarding journey.

Our team makes beautifully made pieces for you to wear but most importantly, we exist to reshape the narrative on what it means to be beautiful.

So here's to the sexy minds, to the compassionate. Here's to those making an impact. Here's to all the women around the world who live purposefully. We proudly serve you with love.

- Dina El-Mosalami
Managing Director at Pepla